"Soul of Swarovski" (04:30)

Two-time Oscar-nominated filmmaker Eric Valli captures the collaboration with legendary designer Jean Paul Gaultier on his Kaputt jewelry collection for Atelier Swarovski. Focus of the film is the spirit of founder Daniel Swarovski and the company's commitment to craftsmanship, creativity and innovation. CCS supported the production, grading and film edit and was responsible for sound and music.

Swarovski's bi-monthly employee magazine "1895" is c
reated by a team of global newspaper editors and journalists and is designed and produced by CCS.
"Christian Dior - Couturier du rêve" (00:43)

Exhibition on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Maison Christian Dior 2017 at the Musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris and in 2018 at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Swarovski - as Dior's long time partner and collaborator - was one of the main sponsors. CCS in Paris produced and distributed communication materials and content for traditional and digital media outlets.
The Oscars

Swarovski is a long time partner of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and has been working with their stage designers since 2007. The Oscars are one of the most important and successful events in the annual Swarovski PR and communication calendar. CCS overlooks the digital communication on social media and the companies intranet as well as Oscar-themed sales events and visual merchandising.

The 89th Academy Awards in 2017 (01:48)
The 90th Academy Awards in 2018 (01:33)
Salzburg Festival 

Swarovski is partner to the "Salzburger Festspiele", supporting stage and costume designers 
since 2012 and also hosting the premiere cocktail reception at the famous "Felsenreitschule" every year. CCS supports the visual merchandising team on the ground and is in charge of the event design, invitations, billboards, ads, etc. and produces social media content surrounding the event.

Mozart‘s "Die Zauberflöte" in 2018 with costumes by Design Director Jan Meier (00:30)
Swarovski Corporate Calendars + Christmas Communication

The annual Swarovski Corporate Calendars are dedicated to various brand-relevant topics and traditionally created and produced by CCS. In 2018 Swarovski featured successful and inspiring female collaborators from all ends of the crystal business. 
The 2017 Corporate Christmas E-Card featured an animated version of the "Swarovski Christmas Star" (00:35)
The "Swarovski Christmas Star" by Daniel Libeskind (01:06)

In 2018 a brand new "Swarovski Christmas Star" was designed by Daniel Libeskind. Like every year, the star topped the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center in NYC and was part of the annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. This teaser was part of an extensive, orchestrated PR campaign, including Christmas Cards, social media content and product advertising leading up to the event.
... see more Swarovski and an extended showreel on Vimeo
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