Style over substance. Because, 
if done right, they’re the same thing.​​​​​​​
At the intersection of universal need and individual talent is, where the purpose lies. A simple truth for brands, products, even people. My personal purpose is beauty.

And by beauty, I don‘t only mean pretty or pleasant to look at. Beauty as a concept does not just lie in the eye of the beholder. Like design is not simply about how things look, design is about how things work, how they function. Beauty is, in that sense, the outer expression of an inner state.

Without getting scientific: Beauty has an effect on the mind. It makes people kinder, feel and behave better and be more open minded. It is aspirational. It has pull. And it can even converse outside of it‘s own cultural context. Like, when people don‘t understand or remember what you said, but they always remember how you made them feel.

As a creative I am interested in feelings. They are the only meaningful way to connect and to create relationships. In an ever-changing media landscape of technology, fashion and cultural fragmentation into smaller and smaller tribes, this universal principle is essential for communication. And that‘s beautiful.